4 thought-grenades for your “Good Friday” services

I’m not sure about you, but I have struggled to find appropriate content for Holy Week, and the days leading up to Easter.  It has gotten better, as of late.  I’ve worked with several producers to accomplish fitting imagery for Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Tenebrae, and even for the most common Easter pageantry (egg hunts, passover feasts, etc).   Here is an example of a video I created for “Good Friday” services.  I’ve been a part of many “Good Friday” Services, and you really could take it either way.  Here are 4 patterns to think about when planning your services.

1)  The Arrest:  What imagery can you find and use to portray Juday betraying Christ with a Kiss, and being arrested.  Betrayal is a powerful emotion which we’ve all felt at one time or another.  

2) The Trial:  See Below.   A picture really worth a thousand words.  The trial’s impact and Christ’s response still lives today, and gives us a model on how to answer our accusers.  

3) Crucifixion:  This is the easiest to find, for images of Christ on the cross are numerous, but not all are tastefully done.  The “Passion” of the Christ imagery is hard for some people, but a vital image to digest

4) And Burial:   We’ve all seen the stone being rolled away, and that imagery is powerful.  The burial of Christ is a powerful thought.  Without the death and burial, there could be no resurrection!

Your imagery could revolve around each of these 4 events, or I’ve even seen some focus on the Risen Christ.  Either way, Images play an important role and speak volumes.   Case in Point:

good friday still





What day or service would you like to see more media content for?

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