4 ways to maximize your Post-Easter Follow-Up

By now I’m sure most everyone that is reading this post is slowly coming down from the High Attendance Sunday known as Easter.  Its been a joy to celebrate with many of you as God continues to bless the global Church, and seeing new people enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.   This list, of course, is incomplete, but rather a creative jumpstarter to help you and your team find new ways to follow-up with all the first timers and people Test Driving your church.  Feel free to add to the collective!

1)  Nothing takes the place of a personal phone call, or a face to face.  You and your team, no matter how good you are, aren’t going to be able to see each of them within the first few days.  But you can send them an email video, Thanking them for coming, and explaining what the next step is, and things to look forward to.  I would suggest something like mailvu.com or eyejot.com.   Be creative, you only have 1 shot at making a lasting first impression.

2)  Extend online surveys on how you did.  Let’s face it, most churches only roll out the red carpet twice a year, some do more of course.  Make the most of it, and maximize your impact by doing strategic questionaires for new people, and current church family.  This can allow you to see how you are viewed in the community, and what they thought about the experience.  The feedback can be amazing and for some it might sting a little, but it’ll make you a better community once you know what needs aren’t being met.  I’d look into survey monkey.com, poll everywhere or fluid surveys.com  for getting started

3)  Ride the wave of momentum into another High Attendance Sunday, Mother’s Day.  After all, it’s less than 3 weeks away.  What are you doing to make your Mother’s Day service one to remember.  New attenders are looking to see what is ahead, and you already have something exciting to invite them to.

4)  Start promoting your next series, newcomer small groups, as well as anything special coming up on Social Media. Start by adding/following/friending all of your new attenders to your Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, and twitter pages.  Use every chance you have to over communicate to lead them into the body of Christ.

Ok, thats my start.   Feel free to comment and add to the list!

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