Coldplay, worship styles, and stick shifts

I don’t know anyone that ever had a desire to drive a stick shift, if given the choice.   It seemed too boggy to me, if you had to choose.  I had the joy of getting to learn how to drive with one, my dads’ 1990 Ford Ranger.  The thing had gears pretty spread apart from later cars that I would own.  It was really sensitive, and probably the hardest vehicle I’ve had to learn how to drive since.  When I would drive it to school in the mornings, I would loathe having to navigate one stop sign on a hill at a busy intersection.  Fear would set in, my palms would start sweating and I’d start the self talk… “I can do this” ..  At least, I was hoping I could do it.  Nothing is more embarrassing as stalling a car out because you can’t balance the clutch.  Especially when people you care about are in the truck with you.  Time and repetition solves that problem, not avoiding the intersection.   We all have intersections like this in life, don’t we?  We have that one obstacle that easier to avoid and go the easy way.  For me worship is very similar to driving a stick shift.  I’ve noticed that the first song is usually like first gear.  Its our challenge to engage, and has the potential to stall or propel you to the next place.  It’s the most important song, since it sets the tone for the rest of the set.  IMO, being goal oriented, the goal is always to get up fifth gear.  Lately I’ve felt the tendency of a worship set has been to play 3 songs and leave them wanting more.  For whatever reason, whether you agree or not, I always feel like we are leaving the best of our worship on the table.  Can we please get to fifth gear, please?!?  I enjoy worship tremendously, and I appreciate trendy relational openers that we reproduce from the likes of Coldplay, or blending it into the topical theme, but I want more.   I want to get to that fifth gear in my worship!  No, I need it.

I also realize that the ability to get to that place depends primarily with me.  I am learning to “Enter His Courts with Praise”, not merely choking half asleep through the morning announcements before Worship begins and my coffee begins to start working.  I have learned to come to worship with a spirit of expectancy that goes before and after my time at church.  I have learned that “fixing” my worship conundrum begins with a change of heart.  A change of viewing worship as a lifestyle, worshipping in Spirit AND in Truth.   This I pray; “God, continue to change my heart, and make my pliable and moldable, that you might see me as a vessel that you live in, and work through”.   May God continue to do a work In, and Through us all.

I’d love your thoughts…

Fix 2014-04-29

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