Knowing Mom’s Love Language!

Mother’s Day is fast upon us, and as we approach another big Sunday I wanted to aid to the brainstorm of ideas on how to maximize your impact on such a special day.  This is an incomplete list, and strategies are just that…strategies. 😉   We’ve all heard the phrase, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  I suggest that this goes for selecting houses of worship as well.  If your wife, or mom doesn’t like what’s going on, or if there isn’t an opportunity for her to plug-in, it’s probably NOT going to work long-term.   Do you know your Mom’s Love Language?  (Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service and Quality Time)   Take time to think about it, and plan accordingly on this special day.

Here are 4 ways to make the day special for MOM!

1)  The number one thing Mom wants on Mother’s Day is Respite.  She wants to sleep in, not have to cook or clean up afterwards.  She doesn’t want to have to get the kids ready for church, nor mediate the arguments that follow.  She wants it to truly be a Sabbath.  If you can, make it happen for her, especically if her Love language is Acts of Service!

2) Recognition.  Mom’s love to be recognized.  But don’t overdo it.  Don’t make her preach on Mother’s Day, or put undo pressure on her to perform in another area of the church.  Make this day about her, and for her. (Words of Affirmation)

3) Gifts and flowers are great, but they are secondary to Time with her, and creating moments she’ll cherish for a lifetime.  Make sure and create enough margin in the day to spend some memory making moments to reflect on how blessed you are as a family, and what God is doing in and through Mom’s life.  By the way, flowers and candy don’t hurt, but they don’t take the place of quality time.   (Quality Time)

4) Affirm their Service and Worth in the narrative of Christ!  For Church services, Make a point to not to only share what God has done through women throughout scripture, but also what they ARE doing and what they WILL be doing in and through the life of your congregation.   Everyone wants to feel a part of the greater body of Christ, and women sometimes get relegated to doing unthankful work, and things we sometimes don’t see as very glamorous.  Make a point of laying out your future plans to incorporate Moms in the life-flow of your church, not just daycare duty!  (Acts of Service) (Words of Affirmation)

Mom Wide 2014-05-09

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